Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Life Cycle of Doves

First there was the egg that I tried to thwart with a forest of plastic cutlery. The eggs would not be denied.

Then there is a giant leap in the timeline because I was afraid they would die like last year's so I didn't want to get attached.

This morning before I left for work, the two babies were hopping around precariously in the rail box.

When I got home, the nest was empty.

I looked to the rocks below, but didn't see any bodies splayed out and broken from the fall. "Maybe they made it," I thought to myself. 

A little sad, I turned around to go in. 

And there they were...

...Crapping on all my stuff!

Those bastards!

Beady Eye ENHANCE!


  1. Great pix--Thanx--I hope to have baby robins soon!!!!
    Terry G.

  2. Fantastic.

    Doves are the weirdest nesters. I've seen them put nests within reach of the ground, open to all predators. I've seen them somehow survive - and I've also seen them fail really badly and start again, nearly immediately - double clutching, unlike other birds.

    Really cool - thanks for the pics.