Thursday, July 3, 2008

USPS UPS PSUPS whatever!

So I'm training to be someone else at my job while they go on vacation. This process involves learning how to mail things.

I hate mailing things. Ordering things online and having the shipped? I'm good with that.

Personally taking an item, putting it in a holding container of sorts, choosing postage, and then sending it via some kind of carrier is not a hassle I enjoy.

So of course I've already screwed it up. Apparently I was supposed to be sending something UPS instead of USPS. So now I'm SOL.

Thank goodness the midwest is flooded and nothing is getting anywhere fast anyway ...

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  1. It certainly has been way too long , but worth waiting for. Keep up the good work in the shipping dept--doesn't matter how it's sent as long as it gets there(or does it matter??)Re: the kleenex comments from you know who:
    How long have we looked at "cute doggies"? Now that's slacking!!! Hope garden is taking over the world(or at least the plots next door(grow more zucchini!!)