Saturday, July 12, 2008


Last night we headed out to TEP park for a Sidewinder's game.

I don't really enjoy baseball. It's slow, boring, and I'm fairly certain baseball players used to be cuter.

However, I do enjoy junk food. So I sort of break even with this kind of outing.

While walking like a zombies looking for fresh meat into the park, a scary kidnapper minivan pulled up next to us and a crusty old guy asked us if we had our tickets yet. Apparently he had some free ones to give away since the lady driving the getaway van had gotten a lot of them at work and had extra.

Jeffrey and I, frightened of communicable diseases and people just trying to be nice to us, of course cringed in fear.

Suzette, never one to shy away from a good deal (she says there is a saying in Mexico, "When someone offers you a free horse, don't look at the bad teeth.") grabbed them immediately.

So we flounced into the park free with our comp tickets and avoided the massive line at the ticket booth.


Nights tally:
Final: 6-5 (Sidewinders win! - They were playing the Beavers from Portland -- couldn't handle the heat probably)
Innings: 10
Free tickets to game from scary man in van: 3
Nachos eaten: 2 batches
Hot dogs eaten: 2 (1 with pickle relish -yum!)
Ice Cream Drumstick: 1
Sierra Mist: 1
Beer: 3 (all Suzette)
Cotton candy: 1
Rain storm that hit at 7th inning: 1
Fans left in stadium after 7th inning: 2
Mascots that were confused by Jeffrey's hat: 1
Lady Hit in Face with Ball: 1


  1. Next year you'll have to come to Reno to watch Sidewinders games!

    The Yuma Scorpions were in Reno this week but I had to miss it because of work. I thought it would have been hilarious to go in my Scorpions shirt and cheer for Yuma - since I can't imagine GBL teams have many fans outside their hometowns. Oh, well.

  2. Not sure why I found this entry so funny. Maybe my late hour [2AM], maybe the mascot's posture [snake with hands at his side with slide tilt of the head], maybe the fact that the Beavers couldn't take the heat. Real tears from old eyes.

  3. I called Eric this morning and told him the story of the lady getting hit with the ball: more tears. And a sudden craving for a Drumstick.

  4. Why would the fans be confused about Jeffrey's hat? Now I'm confused about his hat ...