Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's been a while

Um ... yeah ... so I haven't blogged in a while. Nothing was going on really. Not anything new or not boring.

And it is still pretty much the same except that all of a sudden I need to share things:

1. I hate my ballet class. The teacher, who is also the owner to the studio, doesn't ever explain anything. This is not really a problem for the other students who seem to know what the French words mean and how to execute said step. But I don't. And she's too fat and broken down to demo the moves. So I have to wait until everyone else begins in order to start. So I'm always confused. Always behind. And she can't seem to stop class to have someone else demo the move. But she can idly chat about how much all the new improvements cost in a very martyr-y way for 15 minutes while we stand there.

2. The new Kleenex Anti-Viral tissues may be a crock of shit but they are ridiculously pretty! They are white with little blue sprays of dots all over them. So pretty.

So I realize my return to blogging is a little less than amazing. But you really needed to know about the Kleenex.


  1. And I just went on the Kleenex site and they have apparently focued on the science of the tissue and not its attractiveness. Fools!

  2. what, no link to the Kleenex site? that's slacking.

  3. Okay, so I went to the trouble of finding a picture of the afore mentioned Kleenex. I have to say that it was not worth it. However, if it brings you joy, I am glad for you.

  4. I totally post pictures when they are worth it. The site just didn't have the excellence I required. But trust me, in real life, they are like Anthropologie in a box ...