Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mornings with Ada

Most days run a pretty familiar routine around here. This was today. The only difference is that Jeffrey didn't have to hop out of bed to go to work so we could hang out in bed a bit before heading downstairs.

6:15 a.m.
Noises can be heard through the wall. Usually it is babbling, banging on the wall, or some whimpering. When it gets fairly insistent, someone goes and gets her, sings a little excited good morning chant, changes her diaper, and on mornings like today, we all got back in the big bed to hang out, she had a little formula in a sippy cup, and we read a book. No pictures of this as it was too early for that kind of planning.

6:45  - 8:15 a.m.
Ada, Lily, and I head downstairs to start the day while Jeffrey and Lucy linger upstairs a bit.

While I make coffee, she does whatever she's going to do. This morning it was reading some books.

While I drink my first cup of coffee, she dallies around the house. After books today, she decided to hit up the kitchen for some fun. The container drawer is always good to rummage around in. Usually as she gets to the bottom items, she starts getting a little frustrated that she can't reach.

While she rummaged, I made some Cream of Wheat for our breakfast. Lots of milk and maple syrup!

Then, while the dogs and I tidied up the area, she worked on her yarn mess. As you can see in the third picture down, she's running out of steam. The telltale eye rub is always one of the first signs it's nearly nap time.

This lasted about ten minutes. Then the whining, started. I tried to snap some shots of the "I'm tired" crying, but my camera's shutter noise was too interesting to cry through.

Jeffrey took her upstairs for her nap. I crept up there later and snapped this: The Only Time She Stops Moving.

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