Wednesday, May 2, 2012

At the library

Ada took a pretty late nap today, so this evening we used her awakeness to go to the library. Jeffrey went upstairs to get our books and Ada and I stayed down in the kids area so she could cruise the stacks.

Or just walk among them! I would say that although previously she has taken steps, today should be the day we say she started to walk. She has enthusiastically been walking around today -- not just three or four paces -- but actual walking around and none more confidently than at the library!

She mostly did it to get closer to the librarian, Martha, who also was able to coax a confident and very clear waving action from Ada.

What they heck! Waving and walking? Children's Librarians ARE magical.

Since we didn't take pictures of her literary mobility, here's a picture of her unrolling the toilet paper roll this morning.

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