Thursday, December 8, 2011

Snow and other updates!

It is cold in Prescott. On Friday of last week, it started to snow. Then it stopped. Then it started again. It was getting mighty wintery out. Saturday, it kept snowing. The term "driving snow" could be used to describe what was going on during the annual Prescott Christmas parade -- those poor marching band kids must have been freezing.

Last year at this time, Jeffrey and I were in Phoenix and our hilarious idea for a Christmas card was us getting a tan in our backyard under the grapefruits. This is us this year. We're too cold to contemplate Christmas cards. Maybe next year.

There is still snow on the ground a week later -- and icy patches in the shade. Ada's first Christmas might be a white one.

This weekend we're going to get our tree and do some Christmas decorating. I'm also planning to find a Santa and foist the baby at him for some pictures. If he gets away with his beard intact, we'll consider it a success (she's a little grabby!)

In more Ada news, she's getting pretty sturdy. She isn't a large baby, but she's getting to be quite the chunk. She's been enjoying trying out new foods -- they aren't really sustaining her nutritionally, they are just experiential at this point -- and her favorites are carrots, peas and sweet potatoes. She likes to drive the spoon into her mouth, though she is still working on gauging depth.

She's also still not sleeping through the night. She goes down easily but we get to hang out with her frequently throughout the night. Jeffrey is now having to pitch in a bit so I don't get all "Fight Club" from sleep deprivation.

Other actually fun things she's doing include using her walker with near proficiency to chase the dogs and I suspect we'll have some crawling in the next few weeks. She needs just a little more arm strength and I think she'll be off. She can get a knee under, but it topples her onto her face. She doesn't seem to enjoy that.

She'll be 6-months-old on December 22, which I find astounding. For me, this has been the quickest feeling six months of my life.

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  1. Spending lots of time viewing video, BUT please don't stop blogging w/ pix--I really like that a lot. She's growing up so fast!!! How's her sleep sked?--improving, I hope!!!