Saturday, August 6, 2011

Granite Creek Walk

This morning we headed out to try out a Prescott nature walk.

We parked at one of the trail heads to the greenway (which also serves as some kind of transient/bum ephemeral restaurant), gave a little wave to The Citizens of the Trailhead, and trekked along the creek path.

The path is, according to the map, about a mile and a half. It was a nice shady walk and was doable while carrying Ada, zonked out, in the ErgoBaby.

Little hiker, complete with coffee stain!

Part of the trail loops around a big beautiful park I'm sure Ada will enjoy when she can toddle/run/escape. The rest of it moseys along the creek toward the downtown area. We got to see the advertised "creekside" dining areas and many of them look very pleasant!

We also came across some industrious types pounding tools into the dirt. I asked them what they were up to and they are apparently literally just breaking ground on the first Prescott community garden. That might be something fun to join up with in the spring!

Part of the walk also included some river art -- one with a sign that invited you up a flight of steps and 17 paces to the right to view it. This is the river dragon.
River dragon, carved out of a dead tree.

It was a great morning walk -- Ada made the "to" leg sleeping happily the "back" leg was mostly cranky baby. Oh well!

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