Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Sewing Projects and a Bump Picture

Jeffrey and I decided to go out for a little Sunday morning bicycle ride through expensive neighborhoods today.  Their speed bumps were handily labeled for witty pregnancy photos.

Also this weekend I did a few sewing projects.

First I recovered the desk chair:

Then I made a pillow cover out of an Anthropologie dish towel and some extra fabric I had:

And finally this morning I got around to making a crib sheet for Ada's crib:

The crib sheet should have been the easiest project. 2 yards of 45" width fabric, two 23" pieces of 1/4" elastic, and then sew according to this tutorial I found. Had a little trouble with the tutorial instructions for the elastic and ended up have to rip out my end seams and start over with my own plan. My way was WAY easier. I can now churn out crib sheets like a spider monkey!

1 comment:

  1. The bump picture is great! I need to get my sewing machine to work ... after I actually refinish my dresser - you are putting me to shame! The crib sheet is super cute!