Monday, April 4, 2011

The Pursuit of Perfection

I am not a perfectionist. I am kind of bossy and controlling ... but I'm not a perfectionist. These dynamics are what make me so, um, fun to be around?

Today I did Pillow Project No. 2: Make new pillow cover to replace scratchy Ikea pillow cover for couch.

Not only did PPN2 have all-around trim, it had a zipper AND the fabric is reversible -- one side of it has a blue background and the flip (the correct side ... the fact that I can reverse it is just a happy accident) has a cream background.

This is a lot of scheming for my brain. I'm sure this is an easy project for many (most!) people, but for me, trying to figure out which part goes where, how to pin it, and what the engineering should be is nearly impossible. Then add in a machine that likes to jam when asked to do hard labor (like zippers, trim, and upholstery weight fabric), a sewer who is prone to needle breakage (*waves*) and, well, watch out because I'm an effing volcano ready to explode.

So when everything turned out exactly as planned, I knew it was too good to be true.

Thankfully, it was only the zipper I screwed up. It's inside out. A perfectionist would have ripped out the seams and flipped the zipper. I, so afraid to screw up all the goodness I had already accomplished, decided,  "What the shit, we'll get it off if we need to!" And proceeded on.

Because I'm not a perfectionist, but I'm impatient as hell.

Blue and white with yellow trim!

If the poodle likes it 20 seconds after flopping it on the couch, you know it's good stuff.

Enhance on trim!

Cream background side. I'm leaving the picture of the forest green, upside down zipper to your imagination!

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  1. Those Poddle legs look made from pipe cleaners...twisted together as in an art project. Hard to believe they are functional units.