Saturday, September 5, 2009

What time is it?

Dukes Hotel

The London Eye or "The Big Wheel" as the cabbie called it.

Big Ben as seen from the London Eye

No. 6 Chester Street revisited.

I have no idea what time it is here or anywhere else. Generally, this isn't a problem except, well, Edith keeps asking me what time it is.

So ... Live from London! It's us!

Here's the tally for the trip so far:
1. American Airlines employees abused- 2
2. Seats that were supposed to be empty on the flight that were instead filled by a lady who decided she wanted to sit there instead of her booked seat and totally bummed me out (who also happened to look like a mole or some other dark dwelling, fairly sightless creature - 1
3. Number of Ambien pills taken to ignore mole-like lady's elbows - 1/2
4. Number of times I lost Edith in Harrod's-2
5. Bars of soap purchased for Edith Compadres that she is now not giving to them because the soap is too good for them-6
6. Amount of English speakers in London Eye capsule-2
7. Times I've asked an 85-year-old woman if she has her teeth (can I just say that there is something very amusing to me about a glass of teeth soaking on a gorgeous marble vanity?)- so far, only had to check twice

So far, so good. The Dukes is a lovely hotel nestled secretively in the Picadilly area of London (we've walked right by it twice. It's really hidden and none of the local shop girls know where it is, even if they are working right across the street). Edith's walking tolerance is limited so we've taken a lot of cabs today and one guy swung us by the millions-of-dollar townhouse I stayed in when I was younger with my mom and aunt years ago.

The weather has been wonderful today and I was able to wear semi-fall clothes, which considering the first time I'll get to even come close to that in Tucson is November, I was pretty excited.

My favorite place in London is now Liberty of London on Regent. They wouldn't let me take pictures inside, but seriously, Shaleah, Anthro has nothing on Liberty.

Tomorrow we do Buckingham Palace and possibly a Thames sight-seeing cruise. Also might need to go back to Liberty...

Monday we get on the ship!


  1. JEALOUS!!!!!

    What else can I say?


  2. Like Mike, I'm exceedingly jealous. London is my favorite city in the world. And Liberty! Divine . . .
    Have a grand time, & enjoy that cruise, too . . .
    (Lisa Rosen in Cary)

  3. Keep updating all of us when you get a chance. And, of course, never forget the teeth.

  4. style rumor that Liberty is teaming up with Target-susan is writing this--Marc doen's keep up.

  5. I checked out the Liberty website. It looks nice, but I am not convinced it outdoes anthro... perhaps in person is where it really shines. Overall I am jealous of your trip, although currently atop the Colorado Rockies I really cannot complain.

    Can you explain who Edith is? Grandmother? Travel buddy? All or none of the above?