Monday, August 24, 2009

The First Day of the Last Year

Jeffrey Gautreaux
3L at the University of Arizona James E Rogers College of Law
and Managing Editor of the Arizona Law Review
Looking excited ... OK, maybe not.


  1. He looks like some sort of flightless bird in that first photo. Like an ostrich, or a peacock...a beautiful peacock lawyer.

  2. He looks strikingly similar to his first day photo from two years ago. Has it been that long? But wait, is that an actual smile on his face? I think he likes it!

  3. Has it been two years already? They grow up so fast!

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  5. It has been two years, and my faded plumage shows it. What started as colorful feathers floating up into the sky are now little more than wilted gray stands dragging along the dusty ground. Alas! I must go on. As all peacocks must go on! Moving toward the goal! Feathers ablaze!