Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Crap! I just used tape in a vacuum!

I will tell you all about my jaunt to N.C. soon ... but it requires the uploading of video and pictures and that takes time.

Instead you get snarky scientists!

I should have been a scientist, at least one that is interviewed by the Associated Press. Those science guys are snarky!

A recent article about tape being used to make X-rays was very interesting considering all the wonderful things it could me for, er, science.

My favorite part though, was when the reporter asks if there are any health hazards related to using tape and the newly (sort of ... Russia, do you always have to weasel your way into science?) discovered rays.

The scientist explained that the X-rays are only developed when done in a vacuum. Said scientist then is quoted as saying, ""If you're going to peel tape in a vacuum, you should be extra careful."

Should have been a scientist. They would have thought I was hilarious.

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