Thursday, August 28, 2008


I've been in a fabric rut. Hancock and their ilk have been relentlessly stocking quilting fabric and that's about it. Nothing new or interesting. And I'm not upholstering a couch. I just wanna make stuff cute!

Jcarolinecreative has wicked cute fabric (so does reprodepot) so I ordered this and this.

My plan is to make a new lunch bag since my old one had a smelly seepage issue that caused it to be flung in a dumptser. When I complete it, I'll post it here.

But I still will have tons of extra fabric. But wait!

I have a sad boring phone with an extra detachable face plate that's all scratched up (ha ha! presanded!) just begging for some adornment.

I think I'm going to attach some fabric to it via some spray adhesive and some cursing. Should be pretty awesome.

While looking for what type of glue to use, I came across this site. It made me pretty happy. Like a translator only for glue! And it's called This to That which is great.

But I'm not taking their advice.


  1. Craftiness reminds me - I got a Sublime Stitching kit for my birthday from my mother-in-law. So far, I've made a fly. Up next, some birds. I'm test driving my newly found needlepoint skills on an apron, but my ultimate goal is Savy's jeans. I have Dia de los Muertos skull head patterns (and cute monkeys too!) that would look pretty cool on a pair of tot jeans!
    Rox (This evil program won't let me log in today!)

  2. When I ordered my kit from SS I also made sure I got the cute pink scissors!

    I started embroidering a bunch of flowers on my kit apron, put it away in my embroidery box to complete, and haven't seen it since. Maybe it is time to break that sucker back out!

    Skulls on tot jeans would be fantastic!

  3. I second the skulls for Savy's jeans idea. My sister got me a dia de los muertos bride and groom when we got married and it is awesome!