Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tiny Dancer

When we decided to take Ada out of preschool, I scoured the internet for local kidlette activities. I found a Mommy and Me dance class and she's enjoying it for the most part. (She thinks the music is too loud.)

The littles all show up in various versions of "dancing" outfits. Ada is no exception. Target flouncy skirts and flowered camisoles are usually her go-to.

I thought maybe she'd like something special and it came today.

Here's her in her new leotard with attached sparkle tutu. She loves it.

This is her demonstrating her ballerina walk. She looks like a very pretty zombie coming to eat your brains.


  1. You should mention the original acrylic art work, hanging in the background, by AdaG.

  2. That canvas was such a good day. She had a wonderful time squirting the paint on and smooshing it around in these huge swaths with sponges and brushes. It's one of my favorite Ada Originals.

  3. Cutest zombie EVER!!!!! and an artist,too!!