Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Emma! (and Pete)

We're getting a puppy! I've been working on this idea for a few months now and finally decided we needed an English Setter. Then my dad decided he needed one. My mom and Jeffrey are on board!

The brown-eared one is our little girl and her name is Emma. The black-faced one is a little boy and my parents are keeping him. They've named him Pete.

They went to the vet today and were declared, "very healthy puppies!" At just 8 weeks, Emma is 7lbs 10oz and Pete is 8lbs 1oz. The vet said they will likely double in weight within two weeks. Better get her into cargo before the rate goes up!

The mom. She's a little bedraggled looking from being a mom and stuff, but look at what a sweet face she has! The breeders hunt the dogs and were delighted with the litter's perfect tails. We do not hunt but the tails are indeed very whippy and white.

This is a video snippet of them on a walk around the pond. Emma is way too interested in that water!

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