Monday, April 29, 2013

Reminders ...

The AZ Gautreaux group hasn't been the picture of health lately. Ada and I even got a stomach bug. Ada has never thrown up before so I think she was quite surprised and understandably upset about it. I don't think she understood why I was as upset about it -- there is nothing that makes you feel more like a pathetic mom com flick than sitting in bed at 3 a.m. covered in your child's vomit while they snore away on your shoulder and you uncomfortably lay there with your pillow never quite in the right place. Fifty million loads of laundry later ...

We're feeling better -- well, Ada and I are. Jeffrey has finally succumbed to the cold part. Happy Birthaversary my love!

While she's been sick, Ada has been waking up cheerful and full of energy. She sings, dances, destroys, and generally makes the cute.

I knew she was feeling better today, albeit a little tired, when she woke up as her normal jerky self.

"Do you want milk?"
"No milka!"
"How about water?"
(I poke her in her belly just to annoy her)
Then I pick her up and carry her around while I make coffee and she does about 10 minutes of nerve-grating wingeing noises that make me want to tie her to a hill top.

The fun part this morning was when she mimicked me saying, with great feeling, "I HATE THIS!" it even came with a trademark Kat Foot Stomp and a little fist shaking.

Sometimes when things aren't going particularly well between us, I like to look at pictures of her when she is being adorable. It keeps me from selling her for big bucks. Here are a few recent ones.

From the other day: Ada doesn't always refer to painting as painting, but frequently as "I make dots!"

Getting ready to go to school Thursday... before the pestilence hit.

These are from this morning after we'd taken a shower, gotten dressed, and the wingeing had stopped. She's making tea. Ada loves a little cuppa of English breakfast with lots of sugar and milk. She makes the tea bag, "Jump! Jump!" and drinks it out of her little porcelain Beatrix Potter mug with the "Bunyays!"

Her legs kill me. Even when she's being an asshat, I still want to grab her and munch her legs.

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