Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter with Ada

Last night we dyed Easter eggs with Ada. Her technique was to take an egg and toss it into a cup of dye, then grab the egg out with her hands. It worked pretty well! She also used a paintbrush to dab at them.

Focused on the task at hand. 

This morning The Bunny came and hid the eggs and left a basket of goodies. She didn't really get the idea of gathering the eggs, but she caught on very quickly to the delights that are jelly beans. Maybe we shouldn't spring new holidays on her when she's just woken up.

See the egg she has cradled in her arm? Filled with jelly beans.



Jelly bean morning face.

We planned to meet at the zoo for their Easter shindig at 10 a.m. The plan went perfectly. The Sages got there a little early and secured a table by the sand area and petting goats. Coral and her group got there right after us. We had some snacks, petted the goats, heaved sand around and had a lovely time.

Sophie on a goat box.

Ada in the goat area.

Coral checking out the goats.

The Boys.

Friends on a fence.
Kate with Sophie and Coral at the sandbox edge.

Then it was time to check out the egg hunt. The little kids had a set time so they weren't run over by big kids. I would say the expectations of the zoo organizers or how much control small children have over their desire to run and grab objects obviously set out for them might have been a little high. They had the parents line the kids up at one end, and then had them hold onto them for about a minute too long. Ada wasn't thrilled. It was fun watching all the chaos though! 


Right before they released the kids. That teen dressed as a bunny wasn't particularly excited about it.

Sophie and Kate always look like they mean business.

She was very focused on the activities at hand, but only picked up three eggs. Her hair is retaining the shape of her lost ponytail holder...

General shot of chaos. I don't think we know anyone in this frame.

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