Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beep beep!

We brought home a walker for Ada to try out. She so badly wanted to be vertical, so we thought she'd like it. When we plunked her in it, though, her feet were a good three inches shy of touching the floor.

That was only a week ago.

All of a sudden on Tuesday she was able to touch a foot to the floor. Did she seriously grow that fast? Can't be. She must have figured out how to shift her weight. That or the sling in it stretched under her quickly becoming considerable mass.

She's really enjoying pushing herself around, though she can only go backwards and often this results in joy but also frustration as she zips under her own power away from the thing she was trying to get to.

She's getting really good at it! For the last two days she's only been using her left foot. This morning she was able to push off using her right. The day she can touch both at once is going to be an exciting one. She figured out how to get both feet down at the same time, as you can now see in the video.

The wood floors haven't been great for the dogs, but they are going to be excellent for Ada to zip around on and as long as no one leaves the front door open, the main floor space is a safe room for her to do it in. Fortunately, we don't have a lot of tippy stuff on tables or anything since dog proofing at this stage is fairly similar to baby proofing.

Go, Ada, Go!

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  1. That thing is stuck in reverse!!??!! Hope that door is to a closet and not a stairway. She needs rearview and side mirrors, but she does seem to be looking back to avoid collisions. I can hear her saying, "I'm a very good driver".
    Going mo-bile!!!!!