Thursday, February 10, 2011

If you turn it on it's side, it kind of looks like Hitchcock!

TERRY! Spoiler alert! It has a head!

Today I went for an ultrasound and here's the picture of the kid at 22 weeks. And it is definitely a girl. Or a boy with some issues...

I realize my posts have become a little babycentric, so here's an update on non baby news:

My dad is here visiting for the week and leaves tomorrow. This weekend in Phoenix it is supposed to hit about 76 degrees. In Raleigh? It's snowing.

Jeffrey is still clerking for the judge and, as he goes off everyday without complaining, I can only assume he likes it.

I'm working remotely still and things are pretty much just ho-hum.

The dogs are doing well. The other day we took them for a walk and just a few minutes after getting back to the house one of Lucy's paws swelled up to about the size of a tennis ball. Benadryl was dosed and by morning her paw was normal again. We have no idea what got her.

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