Thursday, August 12, 2010


Wow. So again another several months have gone by and I've neglected to update this blog.

Maybe now that I'm working from home I'll be better at it!

So what's been going on:
Jeffrey graduated from law school, studied for the bar, we moved and my mom came and helped, he took the bar, he looked lost for a few days, then he started his clerkship at the State Court of Appeals, then Shirley and Grandpa Rinne came, an iPad was purchased for GPR and I swear his face has never looked more happy, and then everyone left.

The house is mine! Muhahahahaha!

I'm working for Wheatmark still -- but I'm working from home which is delightful. I probably do more work now than I did in the office (and I don't do nearly as much yelling about stuff) -- which is contrary to what many people think happens when you work from home.

I wake up, sit at my computer, and then poke at my job, do laundry, eat things, work work work work work, and sometimes take 5-minute dance breaks that, if I'm fortunate, don't coincide with the mailman walking by the front window.

I'm looking forward to getting into a nice little life routine and our upcoming excursions into the Phoenix wilds.

We have tickets to The National in October, I'm trying to convince Jeffrey to go to Sharon Jones and the DapKings with me next month, I think we might actually go see a movie IN A THEATER this weekend, and well, frankly, just being able to do things without worrying about Jeffrey having to study is pretty fucking awesome.

I could get used to this.


  1. The National what? National Booksellers? National Horse Show?

  2. Just, The National. It's a band.

    This is the single off their new album (it's a little catchier than some of their other stuff -- of which much I like but that isn't a great introduction to the band):

    Two of the guys are twins and all of them are odd. They way they create their songs is that part of the band comes up with the song -- usually based on sounds and snippets of meloday -- and then the lead singer walks around listening to it deciding whether or not he's willing to work on it. It's kind of nuts but also very awesome.

  3. Great update---and I thought only Nebraska was the GREAT LIFE--sounds like you 2 are well on the way to the fun times you deserve. 3 of GpaR's favorite things: his Ipad, telling about the fresh grapefruit he got to pick in your yard for breakfast, and the cover you will make him for his new toy(he won't let me buy him a carrying case): "NO, NO, NO," he says,"Kat is making one for me!!!!"
    Enjoy the "HAPPYNESS"