Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who's got the crack?

On Saturday I was up at La Encantada to meet a friend for coffee at AJ's and to buy some yoga pants. (you can read all about my pants on Kat and Jules.)

Outside of AJ's, where the bell ringer stands at Christmas giving me a migraine and guilt, were angels. Little tiny angels with Minnie Mouse voices hovered over by weary parents all hocking crack.

That's right! Girl Scouts! I love when bell ringing season is replaced by helium-voiced cookie peddler season!

I snagged my box of thin mints and a box of samoas for Jeffrey. A father heartily congratulated me on my purchase and five little didn't-even-come-to-my-hip girls squealed with joy at my purchase and chorused a thank you.

Fuck yeah, little darlings. $4 a box? You better put on a show of cute for those suckers. FOUR DOLLARS!

omg thin mints are good.

Want to read about how I wasn't a Girl Scout? Click Here.

1 comment:

  1. Those kids have no idea how easy they've got it.

    I hawked Girl Scout cookies in a suburb of Chicago during the Blizzard of '79. The snow was above my head in some places.

    I never see Girl Scouts going door to door anymore. They're always outside the Safeway or something.

    I was dumb. I should have just parked myself outside the nearest supermarket and waited for people to come to me.