Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010: A Big Year in Gautreaux

The last three years, to me, feel like they've flown by. A lot has happened since Jeffrey and I moved to Tucson for him to begin law school. Now that he is set to graduate in May, it seems amazing!

2010 is going to be a big year for us!

  • Jeffrey graduates from law school in May.
  • Then he takes the bar exam.
  • Then we'll be moving to the Phoenix area at the end of July for Jeffrey to start his judicial clerkship.

I feel like law school happened to both of us. I guess it sort of did. I've also been grinding away at my own jobs (I've had four different positions while in Tucson -- three with the same company) and those transitions haven't always been easy. Hopefully my position at Wheatmark won't change too much when we move to Phoenix. I'll be working remotely from home. Nice that I won't have to look for a new job when I move!

Some fun events on the horizon are my mom coming to visit, tickets to see Legally Blond the musical, my friend Lena is coming to visit, and Jeffrey's graduation will bring lots of family into town for the event and I'm looking forward to it!

In the interim, I'm slowly gathering moving boxes as book shipments come into Wheatmark and gearing up for the next phase of our life adventure.

I'm going to miss Tucson. However, I'm looking forward to August and being in Phoenix. There's a lot to do there and it will be really nice not having Jeffrey in school-mode!


  1. I'm pretty sure the words "I'm looking forward to August and being in Phoenix" have never appeared together in a sentence. Kudos on your groundbreaking prose.

  2. When you live in Phoenix, there might be enough time for us to do crafty projects when I'm in town! Yeah! And we can bring Scoop over to harrass your dogs ...

  3. I am sure he would agree that you were avery valuable asset in handling the "Paper Chase"(great show by the way, back in 70's(?) or was it 80's?))--try the snuggie, learn the snuggie, love the snuggie--let it grow on you!!!